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Sun 22nd May 2011




We promote Wado Ryu Karate training for all age groups from 6 years upwards. Our membership has a nucleous of serious students who train regular to achieve high standards.

Aquila Karate was founded in 1997 at Hucknall and now has a large spread of members from around the Nottinghamshire county. We train regular at our premises in Mansfield Woodhouse and Ravenshead (See 'HOW TO FIND US' for details).

The membership mainly consists of family groups where parents bring children and eventually join to take advantage of health benefits, confidence building and general friendship brought about by being involved. Although Karate may be thought of as an aggressive hobby, this is often a misconception which can only be confirmed by coming along to take that first step. Visit any venue to observe how karate is practised safely and in a controlled manner.

Our classes are held for mixed age groups and all levels of proficiency twice weekly with an additional group class once weekly for more senior grades (Black & Brown belts). As well as karate training, we arrange charity and social events to promote a positive atmosphere amongst students and family relatives. All of our senior students are willing to discuss their experiences with new visitors and the Chief Instructors (Tony & Selina) will provide an overall coaching and development programme to maximise your potential. Both Tony and Selina, together with several students, have practised and learned from the late Master Tatsuo Suzuki pictured to the right here. Master Suzuki was one of the pioneers who brought karate to the UK and many parts of the world during the late 1950's. Many karate students and instructors have been born from this explosion of culture which now exisits in the form of a sport. Competetive activities are professionally managed with safety rules and regulations to bring karate into the 21st century. This will pave the way for inclusion in the Olympics Games of the future. We also visit and train in many other membership venues in the UK and internationally.

All visitors to Aquila Karate will be treated with respect and introduced to Karate with the aim of bringing the best out in those willing to try hard and receive feedback to develop. This is founded on a wealth of life experience and testimonies you will hopefully be keen to hear from those already taking part.

Tony Utting (6th Dan) Aquila Chief Instructor

WIKF (England) Secretary


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'The way of the martial arts is not an ordinary thing. It is to master peace and to desire harmony. '

H. Ohtsuka

Tony Utting 6th Dan

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